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It is crucial to my team to make certain that your story is as gorgeous as you both are.  Think elegance, dramatic lighting, and deep emotion and you will be talking about our style.  If we can’t make your day perfect, then no one can!  Be prepared for my team to keep your day moving smoothly.  We plan a schedule for your day, and I have a handful of recommendations if you are still in need of services to make your big day flawless!



Timothy When I'm not in the classroom, I'm behind the lens, capturing moments that are singular and timeless for my clients. My passion lies in preserving those fleeting instances and turning them into lasting memories. Alongside me is my 14-pound Shi Poo. During my downtime, I indulge in reading, acquiring new knowledge, traveling, seeking adventures, exploring amusement parks, and cherishing moments with family. With a decade of experience in photography, I've honed a distinctive style for my brand – one that is bold, dramatic, and unique.

I believe your images should reflect your individuality, standing out boldly and leaving a lasting impression. I'm drawn to dramatic shots with epic lighting, aiming to ensure your photos become unforgettable memories.

Meet Melissa, a true jack of all trades and a master multitasker juggling three energetic boys with her hubby. Her passion for photography is evident, and this year, she's excitedly contributing to the opening of an incredible dinosaur museum. As a devoted Catholic, Melissa takes pride in capturing religious details that hold significance for your faith, ensuring their preservation in every shot.

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